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    Imagine you're in your car, driving along a road somewhere. 

Driving in the center of your lane represents your optimal health. 

As you veer a little to the right you hit some bumps that wake you up.

As you veer a little to the left you hit bumps in the double yellow line reminding you to straighten up and pay attention. 

These 'wake up calls' represent functional lab ranges on your blood chemistry.   
They are the gauge on the way to disease where symptoms begin, and are used in functional medicine to 'straighten your wheel.'


When you're in the ditch on the  side of the road

You have to call a tow truck.

That tow truck represents medication and surgery.

When you are out of conventional range on your blood work, you are usually already sick,

and drastic measures, often with drastic side effects are needed.

Allopathic lab ranges diagnose disease

Functional lab ranges diagnosis risk for disease



     Functional Medicine allows a story to be told by your blood work. Utilizing metabolic assessment and a narrower lab range than conventional medicine, the functional medical clinician specializes in uncovering the relationship between different systems that often explains why so many people are experiencing real life altering symptoms even though they've often been told they have no diagnosis and that their lab work is 'normal'

    The Functional medical clinician can prescribe nutraceutical grade supplements that have real research and experience behind them to alter biochemistry.  With viable tools that can address inflammation, neurological, endocrinological, and digestive imbalances, Functional Medicine is an invaluable tool and a real player in the evolution of health care.


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