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We've evolved to source energy from either sugar or fat.








It's really one or the other, and in western culture, we've trained our bodies to primarily get fuel from carbohydrates, which turn to sugar in the body. If we train our bodies to burn highly efficient energy from "ketones" which the liver creates from a high fat, low carb diet, there are countless metabolic and physiological benefits including sustainable weight loss, brain health (mood, memory, clarity, emotional balance), blood sugar regulation and reducing inflammation*

The Keto diet focuses on eating an immense amount of healthy fats, and getting limited carbs from vegetables and berries only.

This diet puts our bodies in a state of nutritional ketosis (not to be mistaken for ketoacidosis which is a much higher, dangerous level of ketones).  Once our bodies become "fat adapted" our cravings for carbs and sugars goes away. What we once though was a lack of willpower becomes a story of how physiology — particularly digestive hormones — shapes our cravings.

The Keto diet can be challenging to learn at first.  It's important to have a clear way to measure your progress , your physiological goals, your weight, your ketone levels, and your macro data (percentage of fat, protein and carbs). AAWC has a comprehensive plan to make Keto eating sustainable, safe and effective.

Are you interested trying the Keto diet in Asheville, shifting beyond quick-fixes to a more sustainable way of being nourished for life? Please call us at (828) 242-0990 or contact us today, and we can begin! 

*The Keto diet is not for everyone.  Consult your primary care physician before going on this diet

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