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A fusion of ancient wisdom and modern day research utilizing 
Asheville Acupuncture Wellness Center's patented five formula herbal protocols

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, co-founder of Golden Bridge Yoga in New York & Los Angeles, talks about the cleanse that Asheville Acupuncture Wellness Center and Shivanter Singh of Concious Strategies created.

 The PARADIGM CLEANSE is combination of Asheville Acupuncture Wellness Center's (AAWC) patented five herbal formula protocols with a week long yoga intensive and an alkalinizing anti-inflammatory diet.  The herbal formulas are a collaboration of Eastern and Western indigenous wisdom with modern day functional biochemical research.  AAWC provides our herbal cleanse kits for existing cleanse programs looking to bring their program to a whole new level , we help yoga and retreat centers develop cleanse programs from the ground up, and we work with individuals looking to do a cleanse on their own.  There are two different herbal cleanse kits you can use;  while both cleanses focus on detoxifying the body, expelling parasites, cleaning out the intestines and promoting the healthy physiological function of the body, the REJUVENATION CLEANSE is relatively gentler cleanse experience, and the BREAKTHROUGH CLEANSE is an intensive cleanse program for the more advanced cleanser and for anyone looking to fast track their health and wellbeing, mental clarity and focus through an intensive 5-7 day program.     


Eating an 80% alkalinizing diet has been shown in research to decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, regulate blood sugar, promote heart health, improve energy levels, promote healthier teeth and gums and slow the aging process.  Yoga massages the tissues, muscles and internal organs to flush out toxins; it moves the lymph and bolsters the immune system; it aids peristalsis of the intestines to eliminate waste; it re-oxygenates the blood;  it balances and charges the nerv­ous system and it soothes and smoothes out emotional processes.  Yoga and meditation penetrate to the level of the psyche, to increase your personal awareness of the underlying issues behind your habits. Yoga strengthens the nervous system so that the physical body can hold the space of meditation.  Meditation is the practice of self awareness and helps clean the subconscious enabling us to change the patterns that change habits.

 If you are interested in utilizing our Herbal Cleanse Kits to augment an existing cleanse, in creating a cleanse at your center from the ground up, or  if you are interested in participating in a cleanse on your own, contact us or you can contact one of the centers who have, or are currently using our herbal cleanse kits including The Omega Institute in New York,  Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles and New York, , Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica, Karuna Kundalini Yoga in Colorado, or Clinica Rada in Colombia (South America).


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