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This page is for the different types of herbs we feature at 

Asheville Alternative Wellness Center

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Looking for healing herbs here in Asheville? For thousands of years, natural herbal remedies have been used to improve health, vitality, and overall life expectancy. In recent decades, many of these herbs has been proven effective in the treatment of numerous serious illnesses.  Tatianna and Zachari are both Licensed herbalists by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and the North Carolina Acupuncture Board. They have studied both Eastern and Western Herbs. AAWC offers herbs in four main forms:     






Bulk herbs are extracted down to a powder form. This highly effective form of herbal treatment is particularly useful because we can combine particular single herbs to suit a specific person.  We carry over 200 single herbs in granules at Asheville Alternative Wellness Center.




An alcohol extraction of medicinal herbs.  We make our own tinctures at Asheville Alternative Wellness Center for a variety of conditions.




Pre-made bottles of 'Tea-Pills,' Chinese patent medicine generally consists of several herbs and other ingredients, dried and ground into powder, mixed and formed into pills. The binder is traditionally honey. The pills are often small, spherical, and black, appearing like black pearls. We offer Plum Flower Brand patents at Asheville Alternative Wellness Center, one of the highest quality patents available.


Organic Loose Leaf Teas, Super Green Food  & Tierra Maya


AAWC has developed several loose leaf medicinal herbal teas for Asheville patients.  We now carry:


  • Immune Boost Tea - Blend of loose leaf herbs to nourish the spleen, lymphatic system, and build the immune system from the ground up.

  • Sniffle Tea - Loose leaf herbs to help with a cold or flu.

  • Memory Tea - Loose leaf herbs to help calm the CNS, clear the brain, and help memory (we once had a law student who had failed the BAR 4 times, and finally passed after taking this tea diligently during his study for two months).

  • Energy Boost Tea - Specially formulated for our chronic fatigue patients, Energy Boost Tea is a loose leaf formula geared to help the body utilize energy reserves.

  • Calm and Rest Tea - A delicious loose leaf tea blend that calms the CNS and endocrine system, helps with stress, and aides sleep.

  • Pregnancy Tea - Helps with nausea, holds a healthy pregnancy, nourishes the uterus, aids digestion.

  • Fertility Tea - Nourishes the uterus, helps balance hormones, nourishes kidneys and blood.

  • Vaginal Steam - For external usage, this steam is a uterine lavage.

  • Milk Drop Tea - A loose leaf tea to help with the production of milk.  It nourishes the kidneys and blood.

  • Detox Tea - Helps detoxify the liver, clean the blood and move stagnation in the intestines.

  • Super Green Food - Our own blend of Kelp, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Maka, and Turmeric. This blend of granulated seaweeds and herbs is meant to be used in a daily smoothie as a multivitamin, as it's packed with nutrients and minerals.

  • Tierra Maya - Our delicious coffee alternative drink made with organic Chicory root, beet root, barley, rye and cacao.

What Herbal Treatments are Right for Me?

As you can see, when seeking healing herbs in Asheville, there are a ton of options, ranging from granules to tinctures to patents to a variety of loose-leaf teas. In order to discover what herbal supplements might be right for you, please call Asheville Alternative Wellness center at (828) 242-0990 or contact us here today. You and your family's health is worth it.


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